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When many people think about a healthy mouth and beautiful smile, the focus tends to be on the teeth. While healthy teeth are essential for the health of your mouth and the quality of your smile, they are not the only factor at play. Your gums are also crucial. Gum recession is a serious issue that not only affects your smile; it can also significantly impact your oral health. At Florida Prosthodontics, we can treat gum recession, restoring your oral health and smile with a cosmetic gum graft.

What Causes Gum Recession?

Your gums are sensitive soft tissue. There are several issues that can cause this tissue to recede, leaving your teeth appearing long, increasing your risk for cavities, and leaving you susceptible to tooth sensitivity. Causes of gum recession include:
•  Gum disease. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of gum recession. Bacteria that irritate your gums cause them to swell. The swollen tissue pulls away from your teeth, forming pockets. As the pockets grow deeper, the infected tissue begins to die off.
•  Aggressive tooth brushing. While brushing is an important habit, brushing too hard can be detrimental. It can wear away sensitive gum tissue, causing recession.
•  Tobacco use. Tobacco products, such as cigarettes, slow your blood flow and reduce oxygen levels in your blood. Your gums are deprived of essential nutrients. These products also affect the ability of your body to fight off infection.
•  Bruxism. The excessive pressures of grinding and clenching of bruxism can wear away your gums.
•  Age. As you get older, your gums naturally begin to recede.

What is a Gum Graft?

A gum graft, also called a soft tissue graft, is a surgical procedure that is performed to restore a healthy, natural gum line. The procedure, done under a local anesthetic and sedation, involves taking tissue from another area of your mouth, typically the roof of your mouth, and transplanting it over the affected teeth. In some situations, soft tissue may be taken from a tissue bank. Your existing gum tissue and the grafted tissue fuse together, helping to reform a healthy gum line and a beautiful smile.

Types of Gum Grafts

There are a few different types of gum grafts that may be performed. During your initial consultation, we will assess the extent of your gum recession, your medical history, and your dental history to determine the best solution for you.
•  Connective tissue grafts. A connective tissue graft takes tissue from the roof of your mouth. A small incision is created in the roof of your mouth, and the tissue is taken out from underneath. This type of graft is often done when root coverage is needed.
•  Free gingival grafts. A free gingival graft is another type of graft that takes tissue from the roof of your mouth. The tissue is taken directly from the roof of your mouth, however, leaving a larger open wound. This type of graft is used when keratinized tissue is needed.
•  Pedicle grafts. A pedicle graft uses your surrounding gum tissue. We rearrange your existing gum tissue to effectively cover the affected teeth. We can make incisions that preserve your blood vessels. This aids in faster healing.

The Benefits of a Gum Graft

A gum graft provides several benefits, including:
•  Improving your oral health.
•  Covering your tooth roots, eliminating tooth sensitivity.
•  Improving the quality of your smile and your confidence.

Restoring a natural, healthy gum line improves both the quality of your smile, as well as the health of your mouth. Call Florida Prosthodontics today at (321) 252-9950 for more information and to find out if you can benefit from a gum graft.

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