About Dr. Aloul

Dr. Aloul graduated from Jordan University Dental School. He then practiced for a short time at the United Nations dental clinics gaining experience, and caring for the under-served population. Shortly thereafter Dr Aloul enrolled at the University of Florida graduate 3-year Prosthodontics program and earned his Certificate and Masters in Prosthodontics this led to the role as Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, Department of Restorative Sciences.  There he taught dental students at the preclinical, didactic and clinical areas.  He further introduced an implant program to teach students through a grant to school, while he was involved in private practice on a part-time basis. During this time he concluded a fellowship program at the Dep. of Implantology NYU, honing his surgical skills in implant placement, tissue management and bone grafting procedures. He moved to Dubai-UAE to practice for 4 years as a specialist Prosthodontist to be close to family. Later he moved back to Florida to join private practice near the Villages helping patients a large number of Geriatric populations exists.

In his free time Dr Aloul enjoys the outdoors that Florida has to offer such as Kayaking, cycling and swimming.

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Dr. Aloul