Do You Feel Pain in Your Tooth After a Root Canal?

Posted on 03/15/2020 by nh_dR9W

Getting a root canal may seem scary to some, but it is a necessary step when severe tooth decay and infection have taken over a tooth. The ultimate goal of a root canal is to clean an infected tooth and prevent further infection by installing a crown.

Luckily, the procedure is not as painful as it may seem. In most cases, getting a root canal is a simple procedure which only requires local anesthetic.

After a root canal is completed, you will have mild pain in your mouth for a few days. The pain will go away as the area heals over time and you can expect to be able to eat normally again. Tissue around the area the root canal was performed will be swollen and inflamed, and there could be a little blood. If these problems persist, it will be necessary to contact us as soon as possible because your teeth and gums may become infected again.

Is There Pain After the Healing Process Is Completed?

When a root canal is performed, the tissue and pulp underneath the tooth is removed. In this tissue and pulp there are a lot of nerve endings that help your tooth detect pressure and temperature. When the infected pulp and tissue is removed during your root canal, some of the nerves in your tooth are removed with it.

In the few months after a root canal, you may experience numbness in the tooth you had the root canal, but this is normal. Typically, the numb feeling will go away and the nerves in the surrounding teeth will compensate for the lack of nerves in the tooth that had a root canal. Once this happens, you will hardly be able to notice a difference between the feeling of the tooth that had a root canal and your other teeth.

Please give us call if you have any more question. If you have been dealing with pain for more than two weeks after your root canal, please set up a consultation appointment as soon as possible so that we can help you.