All-on-4 Dental Implant TreatmentA Lower Cost Solution

Losing an entire arch of teeth can significantly impact your entire life, making basic things like eating and speaking incredibly difficult. Losing your teeth also affects the quality of your smile, your confidence, and the health of your jawbone.

Dental implants have very quickly become the most popular solution to tooth loss, able to replace a single tooth all the way up to an entire arch. Typically, if too much bone mass has been lost, a bone graft is needed. At Florida Prosthodontics, we can provide you with a lower cost treatment solution with All on 4.

Replacing Teeth with Dental Implants

Dental implants are a treatment used to replace missing teeth. The treatment involves a surgical procedure during which small titanium posts are placed in your jaw. As you heal, your jawbone gradually fuses to the posts, stabilizing them within your jaw. This allows them to provide secure support for your dental restorations. Implants are an incredibly versatile treatment that can be used to replace a single tooth or even a full arch.

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What is All on 4?

While implants have an incredibly high success rate, the treatment depends on your jawbone for success and stability. This typically means that you need a bone graft before the placement of your implant posts. A bone graft is a surgical procedure that involves taking bone mass from another region of your body, or from a donor, and transplanting it to the weakened areas of your jaw.

If you are missing an entire arch of teeth, we can provide you with a full arch restoration without the need for a bone graft. This treatment is called All on 4. Instead of the 6 to 8 implants typically used for a full arch restoration, All on 4 uses only 4 implant posts. How can fewer posts provide you with greater stability? The success of this treatment relies on the placement of the implant posts rather than the number of posts used. The posts are strategically placed within your jaw to take full advantage of the bone mass you have in your jaw, which aid in maximizing osseointegration.

What Makes All on 4 a Lower Cost Solution?

Not only does All on 4 provide you with the incredible benefits that dental implants have to offer, but it also does this at a lower cost. However, how is this possible? There are a few reasons that make All on 4 a lower cost solution.

Fewer implants posts are required. All on 4 implants use only 4 posts, rather than the 6 to 8 typically used for a full arch restoration. Fewer posts mean a lower cost.
Less surgery is needed. Because we only need to place 4 posts, less surgery is required.
You require fewer office visits. Your recovery period is shorter, and you recover fewer follow up visits. This helps to reduce your cost.
There is no need for a bone graft. A bone graft is another surgical procedure that requires a recovery period and follow up visits. All of this requires additional costs. By avoiding the need for a bone graft, you avoid all of the costs associated with this procedure.

With All on 4, we can provide you with dental implants without the need for a bone graft first, which greatly helps to reduce the cost. The cost is further reduced by other factors such as fewer implant posts and fewer office visits. For more information, and to find out if All on 4 is right for you, call Florida Prosthodontics today at (321) 452-3388.