Would a Partial Denture Remove Some of Your TMD?

Posted on 09/21/2020 by nh_dR9W

If you have suffered from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), you know that there are things that make your TMD worse, and things that make it better. You may be wondering if partial dentures might help to remove some of your symptoms of TMD. Here are some thoughts about partial dentures and TMD.

What Is TMJ? What is TMD?

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a sliding hinge joint located on either side of your jaw. It is responsible for your jaw moving back and forth as well as up and down. There is a small disk in between the pieces of your jaw. That disc can become inflamed, which can lead to TMD. TMD is a disorder with several telltale symptoms. You may have joint pain in your jaw joint. You may also have trouble opening and closing your jaw. You may hear popping when you move your jaw. You may also have more headaches and tooth pain, or ear pain with TMD.

How Can Dentures Help My TMD?

One of the problems for people who have TMD is that they are missing teeth. If you are missing teeth, your other teeth will try to make up for the teeth you have lost. This means they will gradually shift over time. This shifting of teeth can begin to make your jaw work differently.

However, if you get partial dentures, you immediately correct your bite, and your teeth won’t have to shift around to accommodate your missing teeth anymore. Over time, a partial denture can really help your TMD symptoms, especially if you’re missing teeth are all on one side. You may also want to ask us about the use of anti-inflammatories and exercise as ways to curb your TMD. Ask about a mouthguard as well, to further reduce your chances of TMD. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to learn more.