What to Expect During New Denture Adjustment

Posted on 03/10/2019 by nh_dR9W

It will take some time and patience for you to adapt to the new dentures. However, there are millions of people around the world who have successfully done so, and you can too. Knowing what to expect will help you along the way though.

The First Day
You’ll want to eat foods that are soft on your gums (e.g. mashed potatoes, pudding, ice cream). People who are wearing dentures for the first time will tell you this makes it easier to make the adjustment to wearing dentures.

The First two Weeks
As your mouth continues to adjust to the new dentures, you’ll find yourself salivating more. You may also feel some sore spots – something rinsing with warm salt water will help with. Give yourself some time to adjust to your new dentures, especially if you just had some teeth extracted. You may also need your dentist to make some adjustments.

The Second two Weeks
You must learn how to talk and eat all over again. However, you should be salivating less and have fewer sore spots. Now is a good time to try using a denture adhesive to make your dentures feel better and help you feel more self-confident while wearing your new dentures.

After the First Month
Once you’ve worn your dentures for about a month you should feel confident resuming your normal activities. Of course, you should visit with us on a regular basis for routine checkups. You’ll also need new dentures every 5 – 10 years.

Additional Tips
Any time you feel any discomfort you should talk to us. We will check the fit of your dentures. Most people feel much better once they are fitted with new dentures that work properly for them. So, if you’re interested in discussing how you think dentures could benefit you, reach out to our office today. We’d love to schedule an appointment, so we can have this discussion soon.