What is Gum Tissue Conditioning?

Posted on 01/10/2019 by nh_dR9W

Oral health is about more than just your teeth. It is also about your gums. The gums have a big impact or your oral health and can cause many problems when they are not taken care of.

For people who need dentures, the gums play a big role in how well the dentures fit and work. That is why people need to turn to gum tissue conditioning when they get dentures.

The Basics of Gum Conditioning

Dentures can cause problems for the gums. When a person gets their first set of dentures, they may find them uncomfortable. The dentures can cause abrasions on the gums and can cause swelling and soreness. For people who have had dentures for a longer period of time, the gums can also become damaged when the dentures do not fit properly.

Gum tissue condition is a procedure that helps the gums heal to make the dentures more comfortable and allow them to work better. It produces a softer tissue that helps reduce the amount of pressure the gums feel from the dentures. This allows the gums to rest and more blood to flow to the gums. That promotes faster healing.

How It Is Done
There are two basic options for gum tissue conditioning. If the dentures are in good shape, a soft lining is placed inside the dentures. This cushions the gums from the dentures as they heal. This is not effective when the dentures do not fit properly or are damaged.

If the dentures are a problem, it is possible to make a temporary set of dentures that are softer and more flexible. This helps reduce the pressure on the gums and allows the gums to heal. They are not a permanent solution. They are not as strong as a regular set of dentures and limit what a person can do or eat when in place.

Gum tissue condition is important to the health of your gums. If you want your dentures to work properly, it is something that can help.

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