Partial Dentures Can Spare Your Remaining Teeth

Posted on 10/19/2020 by nh_dR9W

Do you wear a partial denture? Would you like to know more about this type of restoration? If so, the following information explains how wearing partial dentures can spare the remaining natural teeth.

What Is a Partial Denture?

A removable partial denture, also called a bridge, typically is made up of some artificial replacement teeth that are affixed to a gum-colored plastic base. This restoration is normally linked by a metal framework that holds the partial inti place. Partial dentures are placed when a patient has one or more missing teeth as well as surrounding teeth in the maxilla (upper jaw) or mandible (lower jaw). You can also get a partial denture in the form of a fixed bridge. This restoration allows a prosthodontist to place crowns onto natural teeth or implants so the artificial teeth can be attached. The bridge is then cemented into place. A precision partial denture, which looks more natural, features internal attachments rather than clasps so the denture can be attached to the crowns without notice.

What Happens if a Partial Denture Is Not Placed?

It is important to fill in spaces in the mouth that result from tooth loss, as teeth will shift over time. When this occurs, you can end up with problems with chewing or with alignment. In addition, some teeth may unnaturally crowd together, which can lead to difficulties with dental care and the prevention of cavities. When the teeth are not properly aligned, your dental hygiene becomes compromised. As a result, you become more susceptible to gum disease and infections.

Do you need a partial denture? If so, you should contact our prosthodontic team about setting an appointment today. Maintain the health of your mouth and teeth by filling in any gaps. Call us for a consultation now. The sooner you take care of filling in missing teeth, the sooner you can experience better health overall.