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A woman and doctor discussing denture care at Florida Prosthodontics in Merritt Island, FLDentures are a common solution used for replacing missing teeth, whether a section of teeth or an entire arch. These removable prosthetic teeth provide some advantages, like restoring your abilities to eat and speak while also improving the quality of your smile and your quality of life. For them to function properly, however, they need to be cared for. Florida Prosthodontics is here to help.

Handling Your Dentures

When removing and cleaning your dentures, it is important that they be handled with care. While strong, they can be easily broken if they are dropped. Before removing your dentures, lay a folded towel on the bathroom counter or fill the sink with water. This will provide a cushion, just in case your dentures are accidentally dropped.

Cleaning Dentures

Your dentures need to be carefully and completely cleaned each night. This should be done using a soft-bristled toothbrush and either a denture paste or soap and water. Do not use toothpaste, as toothpaste contains abrasives that can cause microscopic scratches on your prosthetic teeth. These scratches can then harbor bacteria that can cause serious issues in your mouth. Make sure to clean your entire denture, including the base and around any metal clasps.

Letting Your Dentures Soak

After cleaning your dentures, they should soak in water or a denture cleaning solution overnight. Leaving your dentures out while you sleep your gums an opportunity to rest. Dentures need to be soaked to prevent them from drying out and warping, which can significantly affect their fit. Make sure you do not use hot water, as hot water can cause warping as well. Store your soaking dentures in a safe location away from curious pets and out of reach of young children.

Do Not Forget About the Rest of Your Mouth

After cleaning your dentures, it is essential that you take care of your mouth, even if all of your teeth have been replaced. If you do have healthy teeth remaining, it is important to brush and floss these teeth as normal. You should also gently brush your gums and your other intraoral tissues. Taking care of your mouth is essential for protecting your gums and your healthy teeth, preventing gum disease, cavities, and other oral health issues.

What If My Dentures Need Maintenance?

If something feels off about your dentures, they chip or break, the teeth come loose, wires bend, or they do not fit properly, it is important to schedule an appointment right away. While you can find denture repair kits for sale, it is important that you do not attempt to fix your dentures on your own. Attempting your repairs can affect the fit of your dentures, which can harm your mouth, or you can cause further damage that might then require denture replacement. If you notice any damage or a change in the way your dentures fit, it is important that you give us a call right away.

Taking care of your dentures is crucial for ensuring that they do their jobs properly. If you have any questions or concerns about the care of your dentures, call Florida Prosthodontics at (321) 252-9950 for more information today.

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Taking care of your dentures is crucial for ensuring that they do their jobs properly. Florida Prosthodontics is here to help! Call us today to schedule your appointment!
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