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Cavities are small pits that form on the surfaces of your teeth. Every day, plaque and bacteria accumulate on the surfaces of your teeth. While natural, they both produce acids that can erode the enamel, causing weak spots. Eventually, these weak spots give way to cavities. Without treatment, cavities only continue to grow larger, eventually weakening the structure of your teeth and putting them at risk for developing painful infections. At Florida Prosthodontics, we can restore teeth affected by cavities with composite fillings.

What Are Composite Fillings?

For years, cavities have been treated with amalgam fillings. These fillings are made up of a mixture of metals, including tin, silver, copper, and other trace metals, suspended in liquid mercury. These fillings are exceptionally strong. However, they have several disadvantages. They are silver in color, which makes them stand out, even in the back teeth. The metal content can irritate those with allergies. Moreover, the mercury content raises concerns for many patients.

Composite dental filling procedure at Florida Prosthodontics
Composite fillings were developed as an alternative to amalgam fillings. These fillings use composite resin, which is made up of fine glass, plastic, and other materials. This material is tooth colored, enabling it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your natural tooth structure. This makes them perfect for cavities toward the front of your mouth, where an amalgam filling would stand out.

How Are Composite Fillings Placed?

Composite fillings involve a fairly straightforward procedure that can be completed in a single visit. It can typically be placed in under half an hour. Depending on the size and the location of the cavity, you may or may not need a local anesthetic. The procedure begins with the cleaning of the tooth and the removal of the decay from the cavity. Once the decay is removed, an acid etch is applied. The acid creates a rough texture, which allows the composite resin to bond better with your tooth structure. The acid is washed off, and the tooth is dried. Next, the composite resin is placed into the cavity, and a special light is used to cure, or harden, the material. Finally, the filling is polished, and it begins providing you with protection immediately.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings offer several different benefits:
•  The material matches the color of your natural teeth, providing a seamless result that no one will notice.
•  Composite resin bonds with your tooth rather than simply sitting in an empty space. This means that less of your natural tooth structure needs to be removed.
•  The material is fairly strong and can withstand most normal daily use.
•  Composite resin does not contain any metals, which makes them a good option for those with allergies or sensitivities. The fillings also are not sensitive to temperature fluctuations.
•  Composite resin does not contain any mercury. This makes them a good option for those who are wary of amalgam fillings.

Preventing the Formation of Cavities

After a filling, taking action to prevent new cavities from forming is important. Cavity prevention consists of several different components. A major part of this prevention takes place at home. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. In addition to your oral care routine at home, it is also important that you have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined at least twice a year.

Composite fillings not only restore your oral health, but they are also able to restore the appearance of your teeth. For more information, call Florida Prosthodontics today at (321) 252-9950.

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Composite fillings can restore teeth affected by cavities, especially those toward the front of your mouth. Call Florida Prosthodontics in Merrit Island today!
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