Do you Get Bad Breath When You Wear Dentures?

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Sundeep Rawal, DDS
Do you Get Bad Breath When You Wear Dentures?The mouth has bacteria, and these bacteria can cause bad breath regardless of whether the patient wears dentures or not. The fact that there is an appliance that is not organic inside the mouth, the bacteria can easily cling to the dentures and propagate throughout the oral cavity.

The Causes of Bad Breath

In the same way, bacteria can get caught along the gums and teeth for patients without dentures, they can get caught just as easily on dentures. That is why it is important to remove the dentures and thoroughly clean them to get rid of the bacteria. If these bacteria are not removed, they will build-up to the point of causing a foul odor.

Those patients who have dry mouth, which is a typical complaint of those who wear dentures, can have bad breath problems too. This is because when the mouth is dry there is inadequate saliva to help keep the surfaces in the mouth moist, so bacteria have a harder time clinging to them.

When dentures fit improperly, they can irritate the gums and cheeks. It can create a sore which can cause bad breath.

The Cure for Bad Breath

Cleaning dentures every day is key. At your next visit, we would recommend using a denture brush and approved cleaner to clean the dentures, it is just as important to brush the gums, tongue, palate, and cheeks with a soft bristle toothbrush.

Dentures should be soaked every night in cold water. When they are kept moist, they will maintain their shape better. It is important to not use hot water because it can actually cause the dentures to shift and warp their shape causing them to not fit correctly anymore.

It is important to rinse the dentures after every meal and to rinse the mouth out with water as well. This all helps to diminish the buildup of bacteria which causes bad breath.

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