Ways of Alleviating Denture Pain

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Sundeep Rawal, DDS
Ways of Alleviating Denture PainWhile dentures give you plenty of reasons to smile, sometimes, you can run into problems with respect to how they fit. During those times, you may experience pain and gum sensitivity. When this happens, you need to take corrective measures fast. While over-the-counter pain relievers can be used, you also need to contact our Prosthodontic team and tell us about the pain and its source, if you know it. By working with our staff, you can resolve a pain issue much more quickly.

How Your Dentures Can Cause Pain

Sometimes, when your dentures do not fit properly, they will rub against your gums. During these times, the dentures have loosened, which makes it difficult to speak or chew because the dentures do not adequately adhere to the gums. In these instances, you may experience gum sensitivity, blisters, sores, swelling, and or jawbone pain. Whenever you experience any type of pain, or you notice blisters or sores, you need to contact our professional staff about the situation.

How to Get Rid of Denture Pain

Again, if your dentures are causing you gum irritation and pain, you can alleviate the discomfort by taking over-the-counter medications, including acetaminophen or aspirin. It also helps to rinse with an infusion of warm water and salt, swishing the liquid inside your mouth for about a minute. However, with that being said, the best step to take is to adjust the fit of your dentures and have them relined. If you have denture pain, it is much better to choose soft reline. This will prove to be more comfortable after the realignment is made. While you can opt for a hard reline too, a soft reline is better if you want a more pleasant fit. You will just need to schedule more realignments in the future, as a hard reline lasts a longer time.

Do you currently have denture pain? If so, let our team of Prosthodontic professionals help you. Give us a call today if you believe your dentures need adjusting.

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