How To Tell If Your Dentures Need Relining

Posted on 04/15/2020 by nh_dR9W

If you have had dentures for a while, you may feel very comfortable taking dentures out and putting them in. You may feel you know everything there is to know about dentures and denture care. However, did you know that it is possible your dentures may need to be relined? If you aren’t sure what that means, we have some information for you.


Dentures are prosthetic devices that take the place of your natural teeth. You may have lost your teeth due to accidents or injuries. You could also lose your dentures due to tooth decay or gum disease. Dentures are made of plastic, composite materials and porcelain. They are made to be strong and long lasting. Over time, however, your dentures may not fit as properly as they once did. This may be because your gum tissue is shrinking over time. It could also be because the bone underlying your gums has lost density as well. Disease can also cause your gums to shrink.

What to Look For

There are some things you can look for to see if your dentures need relining. When we reline your dentures, we place material in your dentures that will make your dentures fit easier, and the dentures will hug your gums more snugly. If you notice that your gums are irritated–which means they will be a darker pink or red than they normally are–it may mean it is time to bring your dentures in for relining. You might also notice that you have sores on your gums, which makes your dentures painful to wear. Mouth ulcers happen because your dentures are rubbing up against your gums instead of fitting against them snugly. If your gums appear to be a different color other than pink, you may have a fungal infection as well. You need to come in and have your dentures checked. Once your dentures are relined, you will feel much better when you chew with your dentures. Do you have questions about relining your dentures? Give us a call today.