How to Eat Your Favorite Foods with Dentures

Posted on 06/22/2020 by nh_dR9W

If you have recently obtained dentures, you are probably wondering what to expect as a denture-wearer. Don’t be anxious, you’re not alone! Dentures tend to create the feeling of a whole new experience, which you may feel ill-equipped for. This new experience will be easy to navigate with some simple adjustments here and there.

What to Eat Immediately After Getting Dentures

Immediately after getting dentures, the immediate worry should be getting used to the dentures. This includes getting used to the soreness and discomfort they cause on the gums. Once you get used to this, you can worry about what to eat.
In the first few days, stick to a simple diet that consists of pureed and mashed foods. Some examples of this are mashed potatoes, baby carrots, pasta, and even smoothies. Take the foods on the as-needed basis and remember to clean the dentures as often as you can. This acclimatization will take a while, and during this period, you will feel the urge to bite onto something. Resist this urge.

Moving to Your Favorite Foods

You will eventually move to semi-solid foods that will require some biting and chewing. At this point you will notice a new sensation in your mouth. After a few mouthfuls you will be able to chew comfortably, and eventually get used to this sensation.
Slowly ease to your favorite foods in small amounts. It’s okay if you’ve gotten so used to mashed foods that hard foods are uncomfortable. With time, the process gets easier. After a while you will be back to normal chewing and eating.

Take Note

This process varies from person to person. It is perfectly okay if it takes you longer than expected to get back to your favorite foods. Always remember; with dentures, baby steps are best. Call us if you find a challenge with this process.