Dental Implants and Platelet Rich PlasmaMerritt Island, FL

Dental implants are an incredibly popular treatment used to replace missing teeth. Small titanium posts, which are placed in your jawbone, provide secure support for replacement teeth. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth, and even an entire arch of teeth. Placing your dental implants requires a surgical procedure. Following surgery, there is a recovery period, during which your bone also gradually fuses to the posts, securing them within your jaw. Florida Prosthodontics can help to speed up healing and increase the success of dental implants with platelet rich plasma.

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What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is a product created using your blood. It is used in both the medical and dental field to help speed up your rate of recovery following many different treatments, including those involved with the placement of dental implants. Platelets are cells in your bloodstream that are responsible for healing. When you are injured, the body triggers platelets to gather at the wound. The platelets contain growth factors that stimulate the growth of new cells and tissues, helping your body to heal. With PRP, we concentrate platelets in a sample of your blood. PRP is then applied to the surgical wound, providing the area with extra platelets to stimulate more tissue growth. This helps healing to occur faster, reducing your risk for infections and other complications.

Creating Platelet Rich Plasma

Creating PRP is a very simple, straightforward procedure that can be done at the same appointment as your surgery. Before your procedure begins, we draw a small sample of blood. This is typically no more than would be required in a blood draw. The sample is then spun in a small centrifuge, which is located in our office. The centrifuge spins rapidly, separating plasma from the red blood cells. We remove the plasma, which is spun a second time. As the plasma spins, the platelets are concentrated. After your surgical procedure is complete, the PRP is applied in a thick layer of the surgical wound. PRP acts as a natural bandage, sealing the surgical wound and protecting it from bacteria while helping to stimulate the healing process.

Platelet Rich Plasma and Your Dental Implants

PRP can be very helpful for dental implant procedures. These include bone grafting to restore missing bone mass, ridge augmentations, and sinus grafting, as well as the actual placement of your dental implants. Following bone grafting, PRP can help to regenerate new bone while helping the surgical incisions to heal. Following implant placement, PRP helps your soft tissues to heal around your implants while also aiding in the process of osseointegration.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma

There are many benefits associated with PRP. These include

Convenience. Your blood is drawn in the same appointment as your surgery. There is no need for a separate appointment.
Affordability. PRP is very affordable. There are no hospital costs or costs for lab preparation. We also only require a small sample.
Quicker healing time. With the addition of extra platelets, cells and tissues can regenerate faster.
Reduced risk of infection or other complications that can lead to implant failure. PRP acts as a natural bandage, sealing out bacteria and protecting your surgical wound. Faster healing also helps to reduce the risk of infection.
The process is completely safe. Because we use your blood, the process is completely safe.

Platelet rich plasma can be an effective procedure for helping you to heal faster following the placement of your dental implants and increasing the amount of bone present. For more information on PRP, and to find out if PRP is right for you, call Florida Prosthodontics at (321) 635-1175 today.