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Custom Dentures Can Do a Lot to Improve Oral Health

Posted on 01/30/2020 by nh_dR9W
Getting dentures can transform your smile and make eating much more pleasant again. However, you do have to make certain […]

Could Your Dentures Cause Your Breath to Stink?

Posted on 01/15/2020 by nh_dR9W
Also known as false teeth, dentures are of great importance to a lot of people. Especially if you have been […]

Ways of Avoiding Stained Dentures

Posted on 12/30/2019 by nh_dR9W
There are always ways to avoid stained dentures or teeth. Knowing more about the ways you can clean your teeth […]

Types of Partial Dentures to Be Aware Of

Posted on 12/15/2019 by nh_dR9W
Partial dentures are sometimes something that is needed when a few teeth are required in the mouth instead of all […]

Medications That Could Result in Dental Implant Failure

Posted on 11/30/2019 by nh_dR9W
Dental implant failure can be caused by a variety of reasons. Dental implant failure can be broken into two categories: […]

Is There Anything About Root Canal Surgery You Need to Know?

Posted on 11/15/2019 by nh_dR9W
Root canals are conducted to repair a tooth damaged by infected tissue surrounding and underneath the tooth. During the root […]

How Custom Dentures Differ from Immediate Dentures

Posted on 10/30/2019 by nh_dR9W
Custom dentures and immediate dentures are two different types of dentures our patients can get. Some patients even get both, […]

Do You Know How to Care for Dental Bridges?

Posted on 10/15/2019 by nh_dR9W
Dental bridges are more common for a person to have than other types of dental procedures. When you have a […]