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Prosthodontist vs. General Dentist

Posted on 03/08/2021 by nh_dR9W
Most people get confused while deciding who to consult for their dental needs. When it comes to choosing between a […]

What is Bruxism and How is it Related to Dentures?

Posted on 02/22/2021 by nh_dR9W
Bruxism is more commonly known as teeth grinding or jaw clenching. This can occur while the patient is either awake […]

Do you Get Bad Breath When You Wear Dentures?

Posted on 02/08/2021 by nh_dR9W
The mouth has bacteria, and these bacteria can cause bad breath regardless of whether the patient wears dentures or not. […]

Tips for Extending the Life of Geriatric Teeth

Posted on 01/25/2021 by nh_dR9W
Paying attention to your oral health is important for people of all ages. However, people older than 65 need to […]

How Denture Cleansers Keep Your Mouth Healthier

Posted on 01/11/2021 by nh_dR9W
Partial or full dentures require regular and thorough cleaning to keep them free from bacteria and stains. Cleaning your dentures […]

Signs You Need to Get Denture Adjustments

Posted on 12/21/2020 by nh_dR9W
Unlike dental implants, dentures are not rooted into place in your jaw. As a result, when you wear dentures, your […]

A Dental Bridge Could Help Improve TMJ Issues Through Proper Alignment

Posted on 12/07/2020 by nh_dR9W
It is estimated that millions of Americans suffer from TMJ disorders. If you are one of those millions, you probably […]

How to Tell if Your Dentures Need Realigning to Fit Better

Posted on 11/16/2020 by nh_dR9W
Dentures are an essential part of life for many people, helping them to eat and look classy; however, just like […]